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  1. We only turn the a/c down that low to watch the nipples on the office babes get perky.
    Anyway; Who really gives a fuck what this Pakistani bitch has to say?

    1. Probably the same amount of fuck people give to read what you write.

      And yeah, what she said is indeed a big pile of shit.

    2. @Mikey2. How long did it take for you to come up with all that originality?

      My guess is either you’re a nig.ger or a sand nig.ger Or possibly a dumb cunt.

      Nogen; you’re still a faggot.

    3. @Mikey2 – Yeah right, I’m sure 50% of the population gives a fuck about that stupid bitch…

      Next time just shut the fuck up you dumb sensitive cunt.

    4. @Dero Listen kid, I know being an internet tough guy makes you feel better about your sad, dreary existence in whatever bumfuck town in fly-over country, you live in. And, I know it’s hard for your 14 year old, walnut sized brain to come up with anything thoughtful, so you resort to ad hominem attacks like the knuckle-dragging ignoramus, @mikey up there ^^. C- Must try harder

  2. Just checked the video out on YouTube. This woman is full of ideological shit. I know women AND men who desire all sorts of different temps. It’s just more anti-male bias finding a reason to bitch. Don’t these women know that feminism is sooo 20th-century?

    1. Thick rimmed jam jar bottoms is not racist, it is a stigmatism. Your jusst playing the race card!! I see though it.

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