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  1. I’ve never seen another group of people who make a joke out of the repo man taking back the stuff they can’t afford. Then again, like one of their own said, they sing welfare carols. What a wonderful group of people. They contribute so much to society.

  2. Genius at work. Three options:

    1. Let the repo man take it. Get caught up on your payments, pay a small penalty, get the truck back just as it was.

    2. Let the repo man take it. Pay nothing more; your credit’s already ruined, the charge-off will be gone in 7 years.

    3. Destroy the transmission, break the front end, and drive off with a damaged truck you now have to hide everywhere you go, or pay for. But, whoop it up on camera.

    Which one did the genius pick?

  3. He sure showed them. Ruined the vehicle, still owes money, now is a felon because it was theft once the tow truck had it connected, credit ruined. But hey, you looked cool in the eyes of your welfare buddies, that’s all that really matters, right?

  4. Just pure stupidity at work. I kinda thought it might be ghetto when I saw one dude actually throw the piece in the back of the shitty truck and then sure enough, out comes the street trash, with the dipshit owner all proud as punch that a repo happened in his parking lot and then goes on to say who it was that got repo’d. Sad to say this is such a common occurrence. You will notice that there are many dipshits that back into spots these days, but that doesn’t hide anything but your tag. Your VIN is right there and way easier to see walking into said shithole ghetto audio store full of ex-felons learning how to scam and launder money on the outside. Anyway, always best to keep driving if there is more than one person in a tank top outside of the establishment. Never, ever give your money to someone that pronounces business as biznass or bitnis and you will probably save over $12,000 during the course of your life just by that tip alone. It may not stop you from being born, living, and dying within the same square eighth of a mile though. For that you must leave the rat nest.

  5. i see there are 104 people that are scumbags who think it’s acceptable to not pay your bills. This is not a win. This is a fucking scumbag damaging two trucks because they are too stupid and lazy to pay their bills.

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