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  1. and you all think it’s different elsewhere. It’s like that in every damn fast food restaurant one way or the other. Found a worm in my subway the other day so it can hit just anybody.

    1. I’ll take care of this.

      Take your pick from these appropriate responses:

      And these pavement apes want $15 an hour?
      This is what affirmative action gets you.
      Like a chimp on a banana indeed.
      This is what they do with white customer’s food.

      Had I witnessed that; I would have blocked all the exits and set that business on fire, just to watch a few charbroiled nig.gers try and escape.

  2. This is why i don’t eat out, it happens everywhere! I’ve seen everything from floor crap, spit, lick, titty sweat, dick slapping, people are disgusting, just because they hate their job 😛

    1. The irony is they have these jobs because they are too lazy or stupid to study and get a job they like. They think everything is owed to them thanks to the modern feminist and social justice warrior / teachers. FUck them ALL

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