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  1. Bunch of queers playing with their toys on a bike track, huh? I would have kicked their Asses if I was that dumb bitch

    1. Being mad on her behalf is being jealous of her? The only thing he said against her was that she was a dumb bitch for not kicking their asses. She is in the right here for using the track as it was intended, and he is saying so.

    1. @Scaz you only see one adult male and he doesn’t have the controls in his hands when you see him.

      How do you know he isn’t there with his 8 year old kid?

      The epidemic in America is idiotic ignorance, the same as it always has.

  2. This video looks old as fuck.

    Someone one here might know differently and have the source, but just looking at how she is dressed it looks like it’s earlier.

    She’s wearing a light wash bootleg pant. She isn’t that old either. It just looks like a look that was worn earlier.

    So it’s just another re-hashed, re-posted picture.

  3. I see two things wrong with this video
    First: they should have kept the camera on the girl with the nice body
    Second: sunglasses are meant to shade your eyes not your bald spot(entire head)

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