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    1. So many fucking old one liners….
      Doesn’t anyone watch t.v.?


      All of you jerk off into baby diapers.

      That’s what you like to use to catch.

  1. I’d drop a load in her mouth.

    Hey, what’s the difference between a woman and a washing machine?
    A washing machine doesn’t follow you around for 2 weeks after you dump a load in it.

  2. Is she fucking serious with that face? And how shallow do you have to be to make this your focus at age 37? Does anyone know what this guys name was before he had the sex change? Fuck, this person should be embarrassed. AWKWARD
    It also has to suck to have your hips be wider than your shoulders especially when you are 7 feet tall.

  3. This bitch is confused. SHe wants to be black and she wants to be talented and she wants to be sexy. She is none of the above, yet somehow she has convinced herself she can dance. Its a shame she can’t see how stupid she looks.

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