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  1. What a stupid prick. If that were my Porsche, I would have got out and finished that faggot off if he weren’t already dead.

  2. Bikers are about as gay as they come. Fucking idiots. How much would everyone like to bet nunya and Mikey are bikers??

    1. You couldn’t be more wrong, douchebag.
      I ride a motorcycle. That’s as close to a “bike” as it gets for me. These bicyclists are faggots and complete douchebags.
      You would know my stance on them, had you looked many pages back and read what I wrote on the other bicyclist fails, numbnuts.

    2. Yeah accept they like riding each other. And mikey, you dont own a fucking motorcycle you stupid fuck.

  3. Both guys had too much speed. If the car and motorcycle had been had not been there, they would been off the dd

  4. If you look at the cyclist’s speed and trajectory (i.e. total straight line), there was NO way he was going to make the bend and the only possibility was hitting the Porsche.

  5. I like the part when everyone is waving their hands saying slow down. The cyclists are thinking ‘these cheering fans are telling me not to slow down’.

  6. That car saved his ass. He was flying and had no chance of making that turn. Would you rather go face first into a Prius or a ponderosa?

  7. Stupid cunt on a bike. Exactly why no one likes tham. Too stupid for his own good let alone everyone around him. He may actually be lucky that car stopped him. He was heading over the edge into those trees at 60 MpH and he may well have speared himself. Too bad actually now that i think of it.

  8. Also, someone should cite that cop for leaving the scene of an accident and causeing injury through negligence and dereliction of duty . and add seperate counts for both bikers. Then cite the idiots riders for reckless endangerment. Why the fuck were they going that fucking fast? MORONS.

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