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  1. Definitely not in America. Besides the Chinese writing (or hieroglyphics, or whatever the fuck is written on the sign), our pumps cannot be used as flamethrowers (despite what you may have seen on Point Break). We have things called “regulations” that prevent this kind of thing.

    1. Yes they can you fucking moron. Pull back on the vapor sheath and the nozzle will activate. Regardless of what your limited scope of knowledge tells you. You are wrong and you should feel bad for being stupid.

  2. Wish I could have seen more leading up to the guy spewing gas, not that one should spew gas but just curious what went on before.

  3. What a sick act, trying to light someone on fire, and then it happens to yourself, and your car, idiot! The guy who got away was so lucky though, like a half yard closer, and he would have been on fire too

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