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  1. Those wheels are no joke. I’ve heard of those things decapitating motherfuckers.
    6 inches more over the wheels and this fucker would be bleeding out with his head relocated.

  2. How is that possible, anyone knows how this can happen? He just laid the tire down on the floor, was there a pointy object on the floor, or some kind of explosive, etc…?

    1. Does it hurt to be stupid? I really want to know. DO you actually feel pain or something?
      Fortunately you can google stuff and stop being stupid. Try that next time before you ask something dumb.

  3. I like how the fat guy just turns his back on his friend, and so the tire smacks into him before going back to the first guy to lie down on him.

  4. Thats what you get for not using a tire cage or at the minimum chains and a lock around the rim. Thats a split rim and they are fucking dangerous. Plus the tire got 2 for one. It came down on the frozen cunt on the right because he had no self preservation instinct. Just froze up when it blew and so he got clobbered. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it killed the dumb cunt.

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