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    1. @anti-mikey
      Most of the wanna be tour de france bike cunts i see are all wearing the spandex to go 10 mph in large groups blocking actual traffic. They pay NO attention to stop signs or stop loghts and yell to each other at every intersection about what they are doing even though it is fucking obvious. But they NEVER stop at the intersection and observe the traffic rules like the cars all do. Yet they are the firsyt to scream at a car for not paying then any attention. I watch them break the rules ALL the time and then scream at the car that had the right of way. When they do that i film them from my truck and heckle them that im turnung the footage over to the police with all of their ticketable traffic infractions and their faces. They huff an puff and whine and I just drive off giving them the finger. I have ZERO respect for people that think they are the only ones on the road and are such obvious hypocrites.

      Now go fuck yourself you cunt.

    1. Then why is he taking up more space than a car? ANd riding a bike is so you DONT take up the same kind of space. This cunt is just an asshole and is anti social and a fuckbag wanker that wants attention however he can get it. Dressing like a retard wasn’t enought for him, this is his plan b

  1. its so funny how people are bitching over this. As A said, its to show how much space a car takes. So the fact they go bezerk when people bicycle rides on roads

  2. He should have spent his time putting fenders on that fucking thing. Now he shows up with shit streaks on his thrift shop outfit.

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