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  1. You know what I find funny? When that Rob guy being racist towards Black people you all will jump on him. But when it comes to Asian names and culture you have no problem laughing us.
    Who is the bigoted racist here? Oh, even the Admin Jason does the same thing, too.
    you are ALL Liberal hypocrites.

    1. People make all kinds of fun of European and American names and culture.
      “Why do Dutchmen wear wooden shoes?”
      “It keeps the woodpeckers off their heads.”

    2. Excuse me asiandude, but please don’t drag me into this. Maybe you have trouble understanding what I’ve said over and again, but I AM NOT RACIST! Never been, never will be. I do not make “fun of black people”. I reserve that for nlggers to do that for themselves all on their own and nlggers are not human beings. They are animals; thus, I am merely pointing out facts and nothing more. I am as anti-nlgger as I am anti-alligator. That makes no sense. I merely appreciate the dangers of either one and keep a safe distance, but I enjoy wildlife and can appreciate nature, even when it is funny and entertaining like the nlgger or its more developed close cousin, the ape.

    3. Are your feels hurt? You didn’tlike our slant on this? You probably said ho lee fuk that aint funny? I guess you also eye this a little askew? Your orient ation is off. It’s okay though, we luv you long time.

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