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  1. I blame the trainers. What, the very first time they ever observe her throw anything is with a live grenade? They couldn’t have had her practice with a dummy grenade? Shows how stupid everyone in the military is. From private to commander in chief

    1. Blaming the trainers is what a dumb fucking feminist would do. She is unfit for combat like 99% of women but hey, let’s just pretend they’re equal…

    2. @ 1 Hung Low aka. Dick 1 BallSack
      Still a Woman Hater.!!! When You Loss 1 of your Ball… Poor Half a Man.!!!!

    1. The thing is this; As a member of the military, you are (and should be) EXPECTED to have a skillset including all basic military type functions, including running, climbing, crawling, being able to swing on or across ropes or other obstacles, throwing, basic fighting (punching/kicking) and the ability to shoot. No one says you should have to be an EXPERT at any of these, but you should already have the basic competencies for each skill at your disposal or you should not be in the military.

      Typists should know how to type.
      Computer programmers should be capable of programming.
      Cops and military should be capable of all basic physical maneuvers.
      Construction workers should know which end of a hammer is which.

      Do you start to see the pattern here? If a person (of either gender) is so incompetent that they cannot throw, then the military is NOT an option they should pursue, PERIOD. In many cases girls throw…well, like girls. In which case they are unfit for military duty.

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