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    1. Actually it shows how stupid you and the person who posted this was. I’ve ordered cakes from supermarkets. And it clearly asks what you want on the cake. This idiot writes “just happy birthday”, so the store wrote exactly what the person asked for. And if that doesn’t display how stupid the person who posted the pic is… Who doesn’t take a quick look at the cake before they pay for it and leave the store??? Stupidity points for Mikey and the OP

    2. Wait a minute.

      Mickey can’t win any stupidity point. He’s already got them all. All stupidity points in the world and keep them jealously.

    3. @Dick 1 BallSack Aka. 1 Hung Low
      Damn.!!!! Redneck Sucking went through all the trouble to buy you a Birthday Cake….

  1. The cake decorator is a proud graduate of America’s public school system. They don’t give a damn if you learn how to think, but really hope you will have an awesome sense of self-esteem.

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