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  1. When I saw the picture (before I started the video) I didn’t even realize that it was an ugly guy. I honestly thought that it was an ugly girl. I can’t believe he ever got LAID, much less married. That is a closet queer and mommas basement boy if I ever saw one.

    1. Why do you feel that having a massive gun collection is a character fault? There is a huge difference between owning guns and misusing or abusing guns.

      That kind of idiotic opinion is half of the anti gun nuts problem is. Instead of fearing gun owners, fear criminals with guns. When you have the correct viewpoint, you will realize that owning your own gun is a wonderful thing. It may be the ONLY thing that saves you from a bad person with a weapon (not necessarily a gun) and possibly serious injury or death. Guns are wonderful tools, but that is ALL they are. The evil done with guns is the responsibility of the user, not the tool.

    2. Chill URDumb, just making fun of this chaps obsessive compulsive PacMan behaviour, nothing more nothing less. No one
      is questioning your scared right to own a gun or 100’s of them. While it may be an unheathly pass time this chap has its pretty harmless, if someone like this were to own lets say 100 firearms I’d be raising a red flag, but hey that’s just me.

    3. Sorry man, but you just pushed a button there. When people make comments like that it is usually an indication that they are on the extreme end of the take guns away from Americans campaign. I take exception to the unthinking sheep that hate guns qua guns. It is a ridiculous notion at best. Look at the cities where guns are most strictly banned in America. Washington D.C., Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco/Oakland. They are INEVITABLY the cities with the very highest crime rates, murder rates, and mugging incidences.

  2. Lol. I didn’t bother to watch the video. I’m sure it’s gay as Fuck. But I just love all the hate about “I can’t believe he’s married”. Lol. How’s it feel this jerk gets laid more than you fools do?? Haha.

  3. Jim Crist is the Stage name of Dick 1 BallSack aka. 1 Hung Low..!!!! Yes, 1 Hung Low is Married to Redneck Sucking.!!!!!

    1. Oh god. I just finished watching this. He is a socially awkward man child, but thats his perogative. No heate there. But those two fucking muscle boy skinheads are something to laugh at. They looked like twinks. It’s funny to see how huge Jim is next to those two pizza slingers. I guess if all you do is work out , you don’;t have time to flex your brain and end up having to work with fat aging latinos in a pizza place.
      His wife is no prize but fuck it. If they’re happy im happy for them.

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