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  1. Haha. That is a funny pic. Spitting images of each other. But I WILL vote for trump no doubt if he wins the primaries. But seriously the election isn’t for a year and a half. This shouldn’t even be talked about right now.

    Basically I was stupid enough to register as an independent. Which means I think both sides suck and I don’t respect a single politician in office today. Unfortunately, I can no longer vote in the primaries which means the best candidate will not always prevail.

    Our country is almost as shitty as Canada and Africa now a days. Our politicians have failed us. We need a man in our office that will run the country like a business.

    1. What a terrible idea. The US is fine, stop being a baby.
      If anything needs changed we need less gerrymandering.
      Congress is where change happens, not the White House.

    2. Canada has been fucked by our politicians but our country is way more free than yours. Your cops kill at random, your people shoot each other, your life’s worth is material and your wages are fuckingg terrible. We have taxes, universal free healthcare, education for all, and a lot of unexplored wilderness. I wouldn’t move to the states if it meant receiving a million dollars.

    3. And you are a typical Canadian dipshit that has no clue about the US and probably never been here for more than a day or 2 at a time. I have lived in the US most my life and have (unfortunately) spent extensive times in Canada in my younger days.

      I actually live about an hour from the Canadian boarder and work in the medical field. I have personally witnessed numerous Canadians come here and pay out of pocket for medical care because your “free” (tax payer provided) medical care is laughable. When’s the last time you’ve seen a dentist by the way? Oh and your wages and unemployment numbers suck. I’d love to know where you come up with this shit?

    4. I was in Florida for two weeks in January. I saw the dentist last month, I get my information from both the news and a plathoa of family members who live in the US and your country is hated by the world.

  2. You gotta admit, your presidential candidates are always a joke. One or two seriously qualified individuals in a mix of rich retards, a family pet, deez nuts, and seriously corrupt politicians. When the qualified win, everyone complains about the debt crisis and how shitty the president is. Blame Nixon, not Obama. Vote for Clinton, not some dumb fuck with inherited wealth and a self entitlement. Although, it would be funny to dry just how bad Trump would fuck the middle class.

  3. I’m not posting any jokes or troll comments today. I’m not going for clever or even mildly amusing. I’m just stating a fact and moving on. Jason, YOU ARE A FUCKING IDIOT. Trump’s probably the best chance you have. But as with everything else, stupidity is its own punishment and you’ll get EXACTLY what you deserve. Good luck with Hitlery. I’ll be laughing, far, far away. Too bad your predatory economic structure affects every other country, but at least some countries have had enough and are slowly but surely moving away toward a dual economic system. Yes, it’ll be hard and there are some tough times ahead, but anything is better than going down with a sinking ship. And anyone who truly believes the US economy is great, clearly has zero understanding of economics and is but another victim of mental engineering by college profs who are side-paid to tell you things are fine, and who believe the same rating agencies that gave us the AAA debt obligations and credit swaps. In fact, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to all the idiots out there. I did not mean to compare you to Jason. Fucktard!

    1. “I’m not posting … troll comments today.” lol. Rob, you just wanted everyone to relax, get comfy, and take their flak jackets off.

  4. Both sides ignore the bigger picture.

    Both parties, be they democrat or republican, support only themselves. This country and most of the world has gone to shit. Our resources dwindle as population explores. Our culture, I refer to the priviledged first world, is decadent and weak. Our environment collapses. Historically, there is prescedence when so many factors collide.

    Educate yourself. Do not be deluded by mainstream media and everything else view with both open eye and calculated suspicion.

    Times are changing.

    Prepare yourself.

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