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  1. Lol. Cuff him and stuff him. They should have arrested the loud mouth she-boon also. The entire video I was just begging for the police to taze one if these hoodrats.

  2. Just shoot them all, nobody needs these hood rats pieces of shit. Think if all of them were fucking deead. Think of all the money we would save per year and giving it to people that actually need it. Kill them all

    1. We’ve got n!ggers killing white cops at random, killing white people and it’s not a hate crime because they’re n!ggers doing it. N!ggers kill n!ggers at an alarming rate in this country but nobody points that little fact out.
      We now have racebaiters like farrakan, obama, holder, jackson and sharpton (notice how I didn’t capitalize their names because they don’t deserve that respect), and nobody bats a fucking eye. Wait until these n!ggers walk into the wrong neighborhood and try this shit. It’ll be game on. They want a race war? We’ll execute every fucking n!gger on this continent before we let these gimmedats kill any more white cops trying to do their jobs. That goes the same for any spics that latch on to any of this black lives matter horse shit.

  3. The police are really garbage men. Picking up the trash. The jails are the landfills. Unfortunately, the garbage multiples and will eventually overrun the streets. Then people move and the tax revenue disappears and there is nothing anyone can do but watch the garbage grow.

  4. stupid fucking retard im street, im ganster so im gonna record and be all street knowledge lawyer. 100% sure if fuck nut just kept his mouth shut and did what they said he would have walked but hes gotta be all big and bad cuse people are watching him. fucking dumb ass kids

  5. Fuck them all. Fuck the stupid cunts that can’t speak english and fuck the cunt police shitting all over people and causing shit in the first place.

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