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  1. That horse was on the small side for that size of man. In addition to this, he was mounting awkwardly which tells me he is a novice at horse riding.

    The mare was either skittish or scared because it shouldn’t have taken off like that, much less kicked him. It was being held by another man, which should have reassured it and restrained it from bolting like that. All in all it seems like an unfortunate set of circumstances all coming together at the same time.

  2. That fat ass should have never tried to mount a horse that small. You can see the horse practically buckle at the knees when this idiot tries to get into the saddle. He deserved to be kicked in the face for being an idiot. I rode almost daily for several years growing up and the size and experience of this horse was not appropriate for this dumb ass. That I blame on the handler that selected this mount. The only entity in this video that is not a fucking moron is the horse….

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