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    1. asd, You just showed your bigoted colors as well, stupid pussy ass piece of shit. So if you vote trump your automatically a racist lol?, go suck your daddys liberal d!ck, im sure your ass has never done a fucking thing for your own Country just cries over what he’s owed, enjoy your welfare stamps neanderthal.

    2. Ow you poor thing, you really are this clueless aren’t ya? That pitiful narrow mind racisme won’t get you anywhere.

      The fact you go on this website to write racisme just shows your cowardice. People who vote for Trump is a joke.

      Stop comming up with bad excuses. Please, its just embrassing 😀

  1. For those saying “Idiots” It was a leaking can of hairspray that ignited. It had no smell and was an accident. Darwin awards has nothing to do with it

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