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  1. Hey look, I’m Rob Nunya, and now I’m wasting my time one a verbose rant about how you shouldn’t let an ape drive a car cause that’s just the funniest thing EVER.

    1. ACTUALLY, the funniest thing EVER is you apparently believing that you are even a 10th as bright as Rob is, and that anything you say is funny in any way whatsoever. That being said, I am NOT Rob, but the funny part here is the fact that this June Bug #1-obviously values the chicken more than he does his car, and #2-is not bright enough to put an automobile in park before getting out so far that he loses control of it.

      You can obviously take an animal out of the jungle, but you just can’t train it to operate machinery and then dangle food near it. It will jump off the machinery for the food every time. You cannot overcome animal impulse and instinct.

    2. While I’m inclined to the notion that humouristically Rob is a one-trick pony (the “race card” has long since become the internet’s equivalent to fart jokes – it’s like the 101 of “How to Be Edgy on the Internet”), it should be noted that he doesn’t seem to have commented on anything here for quite a while now. So why beat a dead horse?

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