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  1. Does anyone else think that this is exactly what 2homo’s life is like? Menial job, jerking off to japanese anime, bald, overweight loser.

    1. Im pretty sure there are more than just bald fat losers jacking off to anime, seems the entire wannabe nerd trenders are doing it, you know the “Popular kids” lol Generation of pathetic Queers.

  2. Hope this guy gets fired, he is supposed to hand groceries threw the window, yeah nothing like special sauce on all your items.

  3. See how he gets up lol runs over and cant stand up lol You know that phone has porn still on it haha, you could say anything you want at that point he can’t move anywhere with that bonner pointing up haha

  4. hahahahah…. Its funny how every store in the US has a safety glass partition between the employees and customers. That doesn’t exist in Canada. In a city of 300000 people, we see like 4 robbery attempts per year. Most end with an apology. Sorry.

    1. It’s only some gas stations that are open 24/7 which have glass. The glass is normally left open and the workers are out stocking stuff but its there for when they do have a robbery or drunk. Canadians are just too bland to do dirt. If TPBs were real they’d be like scarface in Canada but a real country like the US of A has real problems besides mooses.

    2. nice subtle trolling… classy.

      If by real problems you mean republican christians, dudes jerking off at work and zero moose meat (delicious) then you can keep your real country problems. Funny you mention moose, they are a serious hazard here in New Brunswick.

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