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  1. Coming from the UK and with the girl being black I first though the driver had chucked his prostitute out…then I realised you drive on the wrong side and it was just a couldn’t give a fuck bout no one else piece of shit that ejected

    1. How the hell dont you know this tom stolen it form an elderly man at a french port, drove it all the way back to bongo bongo land. Tell me that

  2. So she gets out of the car.. and starts walking casually while her car goes flying into the other side of the road hitting oncoming traffic??? This girl needs to be put down, shes a complete danger to everybody, lock her up for this BS. Hope the guy that filmed this gave it to the police.

  3. By the caption I thought this was going to be a very different kind of video.
    Looks like she stole the car the decided it was a bad idea after it was to late.

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