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  1. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you get keyless entry. It makes this scenario impossible.
    I guess your average Nikolai Poorsonofabitchavich over in Russia can’t afford that.

    1. How the fuck, exactly would that have helped, dipshit? The fucking keyless remote is attached to the keychain that’s in the ignition.

    2. @mikey Because, you fucking retard, you obviously don’t understand what “keyless” means. It’s not inserted into the ignition. It’s a remote fob that just has to be in the vehicle and you push a button to start it. It can just stay in your pocket. But, if you leave the fob in the car and lock yourself out by accident, it doesn’t matter — the fob also remotely controls the locks. You push the button on the handle and it unlocks the door (since the fob is inside).
      I know such incredible technology might be too much for a peabrain to comprehend, but maybe you should Google something you’re too poor and stupid to understand before you call someone a “dipshit,” you helmet-wearing mouth-breather.

    3. Dear Smack, I believe you are referring to a specific type of keyless entry called “smart key”, which only requires that a fob transmitter be within proximity of the vehicle. Mikey is thinking of the traditional keyless entry which is a fob with buttons that must be pushed to unlock the car, and requires a key be inserted into the ignition.

      A “smart key” installation would not necessarily prevent this from happening, either. Some cars automatically lock the exterior handles (even if the fob is in proximity) while the car is in motion to prevent carjackings.

      Pro tip to both parties: calling people ‘dipshits’, ‘retards’, ‘peabrains’, and ‘helmet-wearing mouth-breathers’ does not usually help resolve an honest misunderstanding.

    4. Dear Truth,
      Anyone with half a brain would have known which specific keyless entry system I was referring to, and know I wasn’t talking about the plain old remote entry.

      Secondly, my goal was not to try to resolve a misunderstanding. My goal was to tell mikey he is a retarded helmet-wearing mouth-breather for calling people dipshits and insinuating they are stupid when in fact he was the one that didn’t know what the hell he was talking about.

      Now here’s a pro tip to you: A website named “Epic Fail” isn’t a place where anyone is looking for you to come around being a mom and condescendingly asking people to play nice. Do you have an honest understanding of that, or do I need to sarcastically explain why a section called “Add Troll Comment” doesn’t need a mother?

    5. @Smack Jackson:
      Apparently YOU are the fucking retard. No one said keyless ignition, learn to comprehend what you read. Keyless entry is the subject at hand. Mikey is correct, the keyless entry fob is almost inevitably attached to the key ring. If the car is running, then yes, it IS attached to a key which IS inserted into the ignition.

      Really? ” stfu and stick to sucking Robs cock”? That is really the best you can do? Juvenile at best, and that is insulting juveniles the world over who only really want to never be associated with you. If you are going to troll, at least learn to do it with enough panache that you don’t embarrass yourself. Read a book and grow a vocabulary. Your imbecilic and simplistic attempt at a rant only showcases how ignorant and pathetic you really are. Good fight, son.

    6. @URDumb (yes you are); “No one said keyless ignition, learn to comprehend what you read.” Smack Jackson made the initial comment, and he CLEARLY wrote “keyless entry”. I’m assuming he posted exactly what he meant to say. It’s not his fault you and the rest of the ’97 Saturn drivers don’t comprehend modern auto technology.

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