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  1. This would’ve been a lot funnier if they played “let the bodies hit the floor” in the background.

    But honestly.. mid-air collision with another plane!? Bloody women pilots mate..

  2. The two dumbass male pilots were inexperienced and attempting to fly formation for a large group jump. Happy to let you bag on chicks and other races when they deserve it, but in this case it was stupid white guys. As I recall, I think the lower of the two planes caught on fire and the pilot had to bail out. If anyone had been killed, the two pilots should have been facing negligent homicide charges. Leave the formation flying to those with proper training.

  3. this happened in Slovakia, 17 people were onboard, 7 of them died, the cause of this accident is still unknown, but according to investigation one of the planes was overloaded

    1. Unknown, huh? I could have sworn I just watched two planes have a mid air collision and one of the planes plummeting through the sky missing a wing.

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