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  1. What’s wrong with the name? They clearly sell bedding, towels, table cloths etc. What should they be called? ‘Towels’n’shit’?

    1. Yeah, because everyone around the world should know that there is a store chain named “Bed, Bath & Beyond”.

      If I asked for a demonstration of the self-centrist trait of americans, I couldn’t get a better example.

      Fucking dumbass.

    2. Having fun jumping to conclusions yet, you fuckwit?

      1) Not american, never have been, never will.
      2) Having actually traveled outside the borders of my country, I know that there is such a store named “Bed, Bath and Beyond”. Also, it says so on the tags below the picture.

      If I asked for a demonstration of a self-centered, holier-than-thou asshole, I couldn’t have gotten a better example.

      Fucking wanker.

    3. No, the tags below the picture don’t say “Bed, Bath and Beyond is a store chain which everybody in the world should know”. And for a better example of a smart-ass wanker, have a look in the mirror.

    4. True, the tags do not say that. However, they do a great job of explaining the issue. Shall we look at them?
      -bed bath n table. Self explanatory, as it is the store in question.
      -bed bath n beyond. Not pictured, let’s set that aside for now. Name seems suspiciously similar to the one pictured.
      -knock off. A copy of the original
      -name. A set of letters, arranged in a row, which identify a place, person, location, animal and/or item.
      -stolen. Taken without permission.

      So, using our powers of deduction, it appears that the store in question, knocked off the name of another store. Thus lazily coming up with a very unoriginal name.
      I’m sorry you and Peter are having problems understanding this concept. Try reading it again, or have your uncle-daddy draw you a picture with his crayons.

      Lastly, BB and B delivers to over 100 countries. That’s a shitload of them. Thus, increasing the number of people worldwide that may have heard of it. They possibly even deliver to whatever little shithole village you live in that has made you their official idiot.


    5. Gotta hand it to you, 2homo. That was one of the best ones you’ve come up with. In bed and able. Clever, I like it. Not the usual ramblings of a retarded marmoset that we usually see from you.

      Don’t get me wrong, you’re still a complete and utter little bitch and I would still beat you within an inch of your life if I ever met you, but this was a clever one.

    6. I too have traveled. But American store chains aren’t exactly an important part of educating myself in world culture. And the tags don’t exactly help.

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