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    1. What’s wrong, 2lolo?

      You don’t know the answer either?

      Let me put it in terms that you will understand better….

      If 2homo and 1000 nig nogs were in a room, how many mandingos put their ding dong in his ass-O that nite?

    2. lol at idiots rule? it would all depend on how many “nig nogs” were gay.. say 35% of those 1000 african american’s were gay..that would mean 350 mandingo’s stuck their ding dongs in 2lolo’s asshole that night…but what was the other 650 mandingo’s doing there if they “wasn’t gay”?

    3. I Know, I Know the Answer MiliaryMinded85….
      650 Mandingo’s, Waiting in Line to Get a Blow-Job From “Idiot Rules Me”.!!!!!

  1. man fuck yall. take ma shit down. no write to play dis. i was hi as fk i dont wana her that bull. i know it a trick so stop playing b4 i sue. imma go fk dat dude up right now for filming it

  2. the answer is 350 or out of 100 would be 35…on a side note, just because someone showed you how to math, doesnt mean you’re clever, dimensional thinkers add to what is given, real dumb ass’s merely use it to fit in

    1. Thank you for the answers, Captain Obvious.

      Now how about we address your use of grammar and your spelling? For someone trying to demonstrate how bright he is, you need to seriously work on it some more. No one shows anyone “how to math”, and the way you spelled asses means ‘ass is’, and it is not the multiple of ass.

      On a side note, what IS a dimensional thinker anyway? I am not certain that I have heard of that particular theory yet lololol! Keep on trucking, buddy.

  3. The second guy even had a smart phone and couldn’t figure it out. I also noticed that the person asking the question never gave the answer. I would bet that he doesn’t know either. “Nigga”, the used of this word in a serious tone indicates lack of education.

    1. Yeah that is true, but he had the biggest penis of any of the other first graders. There was a good reason for that though. He was 17 for crying out loud!

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