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  1. Well, first of all, the biker is an asshole, he went in between two lanes so he could cut in front of the cars. Both lanes were already taken by the cars, and they are entitled to their entire lane.

    Other than that, nothing happened to the Evo. Yah, it spun out, but not a scratch on it. I’d say he is more lucky than ‘got bit in the ass by Karma’

    1. Piete is 100% right, id like to see the rider try and loss control like the evo did and drive away with out a scratch. He would be in a world of hurt.
      I hate crotch rocket shit like this, they make the rest of us riders look bad. I always get passed on my Harley no matter how fast I’m going, by some crotch rocket dick head doing a wheelie. The only reason I can think of is they have to do a wheelie to show off because the bike is the only thing they can get

    2. WTF you are a dumbass as well. He’s filtering which is legal and recommended. It has nothing to do with being a crotch rocket, maybe if your harley didn’t turn like a tank, you could do the same thing.

    3. Sounds like you are the only smart guy here, and everyone is a dumbass… the whole world’s gone crazy except for you, right?

    4. Thanks for recognizing that. Yes you are a dumbass when you blinding state that the biker is breaking the law and being a douche when it’s legal where he’s at to filter at a light. It reduces congestion and keeps him safe from being rear ended. Maybe if the evo driver was a child and got upset because someone cut him in line, he wouldn’t have ended up here.

    5. I love it how you feel like you have to make this personal.

      Look at the name you have chosen for yourself. The true sign of a lowlife keyboard warrior who’s got a big mouth from behind the safety of his home/computer/keyboard, but is a complete fucking loser in real life. I bet you get harassed every day for being you. You probably got molested by your daddy and the other kids at school… as a matter of fact you still probably get picked on and molested, even though you are now an ‘adult’.

      Go back to sucking dicks… if you practice hard enough, you may actually become good at it, and may make some money off it.

  2. Although the Evo driver was by no means in the right, the way I read the video is the douchey biker broke the law, in turn, miscommunicating a nod toward the evo driver by pulling beside him …
    (I would like to point out it is very popular for crotch rocket riders to want to race Evos. I don’t know why. I was an ego owner and anytime a biker saw me they would rip it at stop lights trying to race me. In which I immaturely responded. But back to the point)
    …Evo driver, feeling that is dominance was at stake and he had been challenged, attempted to floor it past the biker who should have never been there.

    Moral of the story, they are both douche bags, but the biker is a bigger douche bag.

    1. You think everyone wanted to race you, but actually they just wanted to see what idiot bought a POS Mistubishi thinking it’s a race car, then hoping you would rev the engine so they could see it explode.

  3. The biker was well within his legal rights to filter to the head of the line. The Evo driver was in the wrong because he was in the wrong (look at the arrows on the road) and cut across the biker in order to take the first exit.

  4. Just because it isnt illegal doesnt mean it’s the right thing or a good idea to do. In Nigeria its legal to marry and fuck children, your logic makes this right.

    1. Your logic is flawed in that filtering doesn’t affect anyone negatively, in fact it actually helps everyone out by reducing congestion, but you wouldn’t recognize this because you are thinking about fucking children.

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