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    1. No, actually the exact opposite is true. If we had not already restricted guns through overly negative campaigns and propaganda, and guns were as prevalent as they were 30 years ago, then these idiots would have had knowledge enough of the weapon to know better. The fact that guns have been made unfashionable (thanks to the anti gun lobby morons) has severely limited the average Joe’s knowledge level concerning guns and the properties thereof. He probably has no one with the proper knowledge to teach him either, because his father is probably just as ignorant as he is.

      You want gun safety? Don’t try to restrict guns because you are afraid of them, that is simply cowardice. Promote gun safety through knowledge and familiarity, instead of simply trying to make them go away. They are not going anywhere, and even if they did get outlawed, then the people who don’t care (you know, the criminal element?) would still have them making you LESS SAFE, not more safe.

  1. Seriously. You could freaking tell the scope wasn’t set right before he even pulled the trigger. Idiot, you can’t just put a scope on a rifle and expect it to be prefect. You have to zero it. Fucking morons.

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