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  1. A rare sighting of the 2lolo mobile spotted out in public. Apparently the world reknown “thunder down under” show was in town and Lolo decided to leave moms basement for the first time in 4 years.

    Unfortunately his 14″ black dildo was in the shop due to high mileage and extreme abuse , so he had to use his back up pink “er instead

    1. @ Idiot Rules Me
      Are you sure that’s my car.??? In America, we say CAR not Mobile…. So you are from “Down Under”… The Ass of the World..!!!

    2. My Dearest Ambrosia
      Fucking Moron.??? Who are you Calling a Fucking Moron.?? Every Time I Fuck Your BUTT-HOLE, You Scream “That’s It Right There.!!!! Fuck That Ass Hard”.!!!!!

    3. @ Idiot Rules Me
      I had a Feeling that someone was Following me, every time I Visit Ambrosia Apt… When I start to Fuck Ambrosia. And I can Hear Someone moaning like she is Jacking-off.!!!! Is That You IDIOT RULES ME….. It Must Be You… So That’s How You Know I Park My Dick In The Rear Of Ambrosia….

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