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  1. Ok what’s the story behind this one? I’m curious to know more.
    Clearly he’s running from a cop in the beginning. Is it because he was drinking in the street? Is he running toward his home (assuming it’s his home and not a neighbor or some other random address) because once you’re on your land the cop can’t do anything?
    I’m also having a hard time deciding if he tripped on purpose or not. His position on the ground and the fact that he at least removed the bottle from against his teeth while falling makes me think it’s fake, but the foot tripping the other foot looks real and truly accidental.
    Anyone knows what’s the story here?

  2. Fat lazy arse cop, prefers to use a taser (which can be deadly sometimes) instead of jogging two steps to catch up with a drunk guy who’s drinking a beer while sort of jogging.

  3. If this was the uk the guy with the beer would be wearing the cops hat and having his picture taken then they would go there separate ways and everybody has a good time

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