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  1. But PWNED can say… “When are you going to Fuck My Ass” With Idiot Rules Me, Cock in her Month.!!!!! Or Was It Idiot Rules Me, said that.?????

    1. Lol hey 2lolo why are you selling yourself out like that bro? You must really be like a dog in heat, aching for that 10″ wang in the rear. Seeing as your only senseless comeback boils down to men fucking men in the ass and cocks in mouths. Btw how goes that cute little pink car of yours? Still using your butt to change gears on that manual transmission homobile?

  2. Fucking Scots and even the Welsh need to learn how to pronounce words. Every time I talk with these people I just nod and smile and say yeah cool like I understand them then ask someone who didn’t grow up fucking sheep. And also get rid of Welsh as a national language in the UK. Aint no one got time for that Sheyiiieeettlyllylly

    1. With all respect, there is no regional English accent in the world that is not a rikdiculously warped version of correct English. Even in England.

    1. Sorry to hear that Idiot Rules Me…. PWNED Dump you for 1 BigShaft.!!!!! Well you know that PWNED was So Lonely before She Meet You.!!!

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