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    1. Idiot Rules Me
      How do you know Habib isn’t Serious Injury.??? O.!!! Right, you gave him Month to his Cock.!!!!

    2. Month to his cock? Uhhhh….here you go with cocks again. And earlier you babbled something about women “jacking off”. It’s pretty clear what team you play for and that you have no fucking clue when it’s comes to women.

    3. Dear Ambrosia
      You never Complain.!!!! So why did you give me a Key to your home.?? As Soon As I Walk in, You Pull Down My Pants, start Sucking My Cock.!!!! I Know You Very Well.!!!!

    4. Lmfao hey 2lolo are you a novelist or some shit? You must write senseless fucking kids books that nobody bothers to buy, because I notice you capitalize almost every first letter of every fucking word you right in what I guess I can call your sentences because they are not even sentences. Learn to write you Neanderthal, eat less shit on here and work on enhancing your education. Considering you can even read what I am telling you…

  1. @2lol why are you always talking shit about other people? Do you just sit there and troll the comments all day and look for something bad to say? Don’t you ever have anything nice to say?

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