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    1. “dozens of takes this needed”?? lmfao and you dare comment on my English? Bro pick up a fucking dictionary and learn proper English you pathetic worm.

    2. That was perfectly acceptable English. A take is a film shot. What school for morons did you attend PWNED?

      Don’t feel bad though. You surely graduated at the top of moron school, hey mate?
      What he used, we here in England, call ENGLISH. What you apparently learned was ‘moronish’? Yes, I know. I made up a new word to describe your pathetic attempts at trolling others just for you lol. Now you can hate on me for pointing out your obvious faults too lmao!
      Poor little Trolly-troll, I feel bad for you. Everyone is picking on you… Oh wait, we aren’t are they? We are just telling you the truth your mother is too ashamed to admit to you. Now go back under your bridge until you hear the NEXT billy goat come across to smack you back down again lolololololol!

    3. @GetOffMyAss lmao you are obviously just as dunce as the other simpleton. Tell you what I will tell you how he should’ve properly worded that so maybe you can learn a thing or two. Even though I highly doubt you will learn squat but hey worth a try for humanities retards. He should’ve said I wonder how many dozens of attempts this required/took before they finally succeeded. That would make a lot more sense. Okay champ? lol

    4. Nope, you are still wrong. A take is a film shot. Every time you make an attempt at a scene, it is called a take. Ever see someone making a movie and making multiple takes? Sorry, mate, but you are still in the wrong. Correcting people that are already correct seems to be a bad habit of yours. Massively misplaced sense of superiority you have there, mate.

    5. While we are correcting people with bad grammar and/or punctuation, let’s look at your own fails.

      1- Just as dunce.
      A dunce is not something you can be just as. You can be just as much of a dunce though, and you have mastered that.

      2- Tell you what, I will tell you…
      Notice the comma in the right place there?

      3- Even though I highly doubt you will learn squat but hey worth a try for humanities retards.
      Where to start here? The missing comma? or the fragment sentence? No matter, you still screwed up both.

      For someone who pretends to be better at grammar than someone else, you certainly are not much of a success, mate. Bone up on your English. Stay in school. Graduate 6th grade, and come back and try again, hey? Next time, when you are trying to make corrections or complain about other people making grammatical errors and there were no errors made in their sentences, at least be right yourself in your own sentences. Four errors in one little paragraph is just pathetic, mate.

  1. Ahh, 1 of the 3 popular professions a moolie would strive for.
    1. Basketball star
    2. Street corner unlicensed pharmacist
    3. Rapper.

  2. Ah yes. Only 1 of 3 things moolies strive to be in life.
    1. Sports star
    2. Rapper
    3. Street corner, unlicensed pharmacist when the other 2 fail.

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