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  1. What a bunch of faggots.
    Who’s the fucking waterhead that decided to make gluten free shit? Gluten has been in food since the beginning of time. Humans survived for thousands of years eating fucking gluten.
    Then, along comes some faggoty God damned liberal that decides to remove the gluten from foods and sell it at a premium price to even bigger retards. That motherfucker is either a retard or a genius.

    1. Your comment is beyond retard.

      You know, humanity eat peanut since the damn of time. However, there is people that can die if they eat a single one. Unless you deny that fact and people that die by eating a peanut is just a faggot?

      “Grows some balls, son, and eat that bag of Cracker Jack. And stop rolling on the floor0and wipe that foam at the edges of your lips, you look ridiculous!” Damn, some peoples are even allergic to something as basic as the sun.

      So yes, some people have real trouble to assimilate gluten in their organism and are happy to find alternative.

      Seriously, what’s wrong with peoples on this site?

    2. Allergies are in the human genome to thin the herd out, motherfucker. It’s called natural selection bitch.

    3. @nogen… The problem with society, or as you put it people on this site, is they watch an episode of South Park and think they are all of a sudden an “expert” on something.

      Yes, some people are allergic to gluten. Some people are allergic to peanuts. Guess what else SOME people are allergic to… Cats, grass, gold, mold, shrimp, eggs, dust, milk and everything else under the sun. There is a difference between being alleric and following a fad.

      There are not a bunch of douche bags out there claiming their life is soooo much better now that they avoid grass, dust, and eggs.

    4. You’re comment is stupid. I have celiac disease and can’t even eat food that may have had wheat four dust on it. I can’t believe how fucking ignorant you are. Liberals selling gluten free food to regards? Take your right hand and shove it up your ass. You’re an example of a typical American who watched an episode of south park and now think you are an expert. The protein in wheat is bad for you. Do some fucking homework.

    5. @SMRT/DUMB You’re a raging fuckwit. Wheat protein is beneficial to human beings. You’re just butthurt because you’re physiologically inferior, and you believe the leftwing pseudo-science bullshit you’re spoon fed on a daily basis.

  2. @ Idiots Rule;

    I admit that there is a lot of people that cut gluten out of their alimentation without even really need it, just to follow a new trend.

    But, it is damn stupid to put everyone in the same basket. There is peoples that have real issue with gluten. My point was only that picture and this gluten free food festival could be as well from and for these peoples which have celiac disease and gather together, for whatever reason they want. I mean, I don’t understand the fail here.

    @ get a rope;

    You should be thankful that the human specie have pass beyond natural selection process, because you would surely be dead by now by being such an idiot.

    1. I’m just waitin’ for the party to get started so I can watch social retards like you fucksticks die off, because none of you fools will know what to do when the shit hits the fan. Then, we’ll see how natural selection really works.

    2. Playing the though guy behind your computer screen in your mom’s basement?

      Just try to stop jerking by looking at your naked sister through the bathroom’s keyhole. I know that the most close to a women you can get, but you should still try to avoid doing such thing. It would be a nice start.

    1. @2lolo have I not already told your dense ass to get your genders straight? I am a man so stop saying she… Though I do understand your brain cells do not render such capability but at least learn from your retardation. As for you get a rope, I make such a name like PWNED you silly fuck and what? with a fucking name like get a rope you should consider hanging yourself with one.

    2. I got lots of lengths of rope at the ready just for little shit stains like you, dipshit. Now, go drink a quart of gasoline and fart on a campfire.

  3. LOL how can you scoop up a shit stain with a rope? Buddy you must have some magic rope, and hey if I drink a quart of gasoline and fart on anything itll be all over you and your shitty rope so I can assure I turn it into a heap of ash for birds to shit on and use as as a nest after.

    1. Dang, you’re pathetic. You just referred to yourself as a shit stain.
      Forget the gasoline. You seem hardcore. Go for the bleach instead. It’s quicker.

    2. Lol who gives a fuck what I referred myself as? What matters is I made you look like a complete fucking retard. Which is true inner satisfaction. Now go hand me my Jack and coke bitch!

    3. Don’t talk back to your master, bitch.
      If i’m makin’ a Jack and Coke, it’ll be for my wife. Men drink whiskey straight. Adding pop to it waters down the proof. You fucking weakling.

  4. Why is this a fail? Probably because the idiot who posted this is a complete ignorant. There are diseases, most commonly celiac disease, that simply require not eating gluten. If you want to make fun of the idiots who eat gluten-free volunatarily, you’re welcome, but do so specifically. I have not chosen to have this restiction, I have a right to buy food that won’t destroy my intestines, and not be laughed at because of it. The society is already punishing me for having this disease by the ridiculously high prices and low availability of gluten-free food. Just wait, in couple hundred years gluten intolerance will be so widespread that everybody will have to eat this way.

    1. I think it’s because it’s a “food fest”, and there’s just one bored-looking reporter and dull, frumpy woman standing behind him, and no one else.

  5. What’s the big deal? If you can label food as “gluten free” and charge double what it’s worth, I say more power to you.

  6. There are people who are allergic to gluten. However, since wheat is probably the biggest contributor to early man’s survival, people with these allergies have clearly received their notice from Darwin; You are not the fittest, and your genes were not meant to be passed on to the next generation. The only way you could be any weaker would be an allergy to oxygen.

    1. No, you poor dumb son of a bitch, its not. The majority of Asian cultures do not consume wheat regularly, if at all. And it wasn’t a staple in the diet of Europeans until just a few thousand years ago, which is nothing in the scheme of evolution. Truthfully, the only way they could be weaker is to be as feeble minded as you. Stupid people die a lot faster than people with celiac disease.

      Now proceed to reply with some hate filled douchebaggery. Add a little more evidence in so archaeologists thousands of years from now can fully understand what a fucking moron you are.

    2. Ok,

      Say that to your kid when you find out that he have an allergy to peanuts or Celiac disease.

      “Sorry Jimmy, me and your mom love you like parents should do, but this is natural selection. Now eat these yummy Reese. What? You said that it will kill you? Well, this is just because you are not fit enough for this world. Too bad, my son.”

      Seriously, what kind of idiotic, retarded (and his word is still below reality) peoples that still see human evolution through the specter of natural selection like 50 000 years ago?

    3. My comment stands. If faced with famine or some other form of food shortage (natural disaster, becoming stranded somewhere for an extended period), you cannot consume nearly a third of the food the rest of us can subsist on. As I said, weak genes, and not too long ago, evolution would have weeded you out. BTW, I clearly wrote “early man”, not “Europeans” (if you want to keep travelling down that retarded path, there is gluten in beer, ales, and some spirits, unless you’d like to claim Europeans never partook in those items either) and many Asian foods contain gluten (it’s found in sources other than wheat, geniuses). Tofu and seitan are two examples.

    4. You know what happened to lactose intolerance after humans started to milk cows? It almost dissappeared, incredibly quickly considering the timescales evolution operates on. So, in your terminology, those genes are weak.
      The same thing has not happened to gluten intolerance, despite gluten intolerants were dying at early age throughout the history. Actually, you will get gluten intolerant combinations of HLA-DQ from combining gluten tolerant variants. It is a natural part of genetic variation and evolution has not made any steps to eliminate it.

      By the way, plain tofu does not contain gluten. Flavoured tofu can, because wheat derivates are used to flavour everything.

    5. Wheat is a third of what we survive on? Haha, maybe your fat Dorito scarfing ass. Based on your statements, you have no clue how evolution works. And we started eating gluten not too long ago, and they weren’t weeded out, so your point is? You re-emphasize “early man.” “Early man” was based on a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, they didn’t eat a substantial amount of wheat or any other grain which needs to be processed you fucking moron. After that, wheat has only been seen substantially in the diet of European culture. But guess what, you can go about your day not eating a single food derived from grain(well, maybe not you specifically, you can only do so much cooking in a microwave).

      Also, no, plain tofu does not contain gluten you fucking neanderthal. It’s made from soy beans, which guess what, aren’t a grain. The only weak genes are the ones you got from your parents. I feel bad for them to have such an ignorant piece of shit for a child.

    6. Ha! The genetically inferior pussies are all worked up today. I’ll make sure I have peanuts on hand to ward them off if they attack.

    7. You speak of yourself? I have no allergies, but I know they exist. You just happen to be a stupid, fat piece of shit. I realize knowledge hurts your feeble little mind, and that’s ok. Embrace being on the low end of the IQ scale, you can always get a job washing cars.

  7. Oh man… The number of angles from which I can approach criticizing this comment thread are more numerous than any other of it’s ilk I’ve seen this year. An over-bloated cesspool of blowhards and loudmouths, all touting their opinion as though factual, and deriding all opposing perspectives as though the opining commentators preach of heresy. An effective illustration of the underlying malevolence that is ego and hatred, now manifested in petty jibes and ill-conceived misconceptions of biology and society, behind the impending societal collapse, upon the precipice of which we now precariously balance.

    Essentially, when your crap turns to ass-scorching, piss-coloured, dismembered-six-months-deceased-clown-corpse-in-an-abandoned-swine-farm-scented fluid after so much as licking anything with half-a-vague-shower-epiphany’s worth of wheat in it, you learn to kick that shit from your pantry like a Donald Trump supporter kicks books on ethics, intellect, and the constitution from his library, but without the drool on one corner of your lips and the slight walleyed gaze into a world that exists only in your mind that accompanies the latter….

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