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  1. Nothing personal – but I would take the cash too. Even if she were a smokin’ hottie – not gonna happen because she’s only on this show for the exposure. Take the cash and I’ll find my own dates because I would only be on this show for the exposure too…

  2. Thats right bitches. WE DON’T WANT YOUR FAT FRUMPY ASSES. You can hole all the body positive rallies you want, but it won’t change the fact that you are pigs and we don’t want you. Stop trying to pass laws and sham men into fucking you. It isn’t happening except on hogging night. Funny how you brutal turtle bodied cunts think that some chiseled man is going to want anything to do with your lazy irresponsible ass.
    We have never seen you cunts pick the fat gamer as your man. Yet you think we are supposed to accept you?
    We know you are now going to try to pass a law that won’t allow a man to opt out of dating your fat ass on a game show.

  3. CHrist even the female presenter was a beastly man looking thing. The only cut one was holding the check.
    Also what kind of fucking show is this? WHo brings a 4 door wagon to a race and races next to a powder pink POS ? No one on this show is a winner. Just being picked for it means you are a loser.

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