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  1. How does someone get that fucking fat with no fucking arms? Her front looks like her back and her back like her front.
    I’d still take the head though.

    1. I meant, how the fuck does this bitch eat so much to get that fat? She can’t pick up a fork and spoon, asshole.
      Now go drink bleach.

  2. I don’t think getting head is enough for me to check “fuck an amputee” off my bucket list. Back to looking for a midget.

    1. It is a known fact that many women after having sex with you, have crossed that off of their bucket list. They figured you had a terrible accident with a zipper on your onesie

  3. Black, fat, no arms, cross-eyed, stupid (well, she IS black so I guess that went without saying), and gives blowjobs for 50 bucks which means plenty of STD’s.

    Hmm…I can’t imagine any sane person approaching within 100 yards of that thing.

    1. She hires a white person to do it for her with the 50 she gets from performing disgusting services indiscriminately for desperate, sick, sad little freaks.

  4. another dumb negress. Advertising illegal sex for money. This is why black lives are a waste of resources.
    That being said, it’s far past time for these religitard laws to be removed from a supposedly free countries books.

    1. Holy shit that fucking face is a real life caricature from the 20s. Look at that airbag of a bottom lip.

  5. In reply to the facebook poster at the top who says:
    “Every white biggot ass living in the slave 1800s redneck hicks can kiss the phat side of a black bitches ass.”

    #1-Bigot has only 1 G, not 2
    #2-Phat is spelled with an f, and is not an acronym for anything hot, or tempting if it is in regard to a person with black skin. Get it right.
    #3-I have never heard of the slave 1800’s but please include the apostrophe.
    #4-Earlier you said maybe, when you should have the separate words MAY BE.
    #5-In regards to the fat black bitches ass, do they come any other way? I thought that was standard equipment on gorilla types?
    #6-This has nothing to do with the post, but why do all you people have fucked up names? There is no name “Shannette”. I assume it is pronounced Shay-Nah-Tay, or some other fucked up way that all you people try to screw up things, and I simply cannot understand it. The only thing I can figure is, it is like the ugly fat chick who dyes her hair purple and gets lots of face jewelry and tattoos and such, because she will never ever fit into mainstream society anyways. If you are fucked up, really be fucked up, yeah?

    I know the grammar and spelling corrections won’t help much, not with your lack of education and comprehension, but I have to try. Work with it, improve, and maybe someday you can get accepted into polite society. Oh wait, I saw your picture. Never mind. Forget that last part.

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