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    1. Are you not smart Buster Hymen? You are not even offending the people you intended.If you are going to be a racist and a douche, at least take a moment to ensure you are spewing your hatred in the correct direction….

    2. I can’t be doing too poorly at insulting people; you took the time to reply. By the way, it’s called the Troll Zone. If you’re looking for the Overly-Sensitive Pussy Zone, try the Huffington Post comment section.

  1. I really would like to know why you guys are racist? Like is there a real reason behind it or its just easy and fun to you? I seriously want to know.

    1. Of course there is a reason. First reason is, IT IS FUNNY! The second reason is, IT IS TRUE. The third reason is if we don’t tell the truth about them, then people will actually start to believe they are actually our equals, and that cannot be allowed to happen.

      Look, all people are NOT created equal. Look at how many black receivers and running backs there are compared to white ones. Blacks are faster and have greater bone and muscle density making them better athletes. White people have, on the other hand, much higher intellectual capacity, making them better humans. Most animals can outrun humans, with very few exceptions. Blacks are among those animals.

      Now let me ask YOU a couple of questions, okay?

      What is your problem with us pointing out these obvious facts? Are you willingly ignorant, or simply well trained by liberal retards? Either way, try to recognize the truth and overcome the hype that the liberal agenda tries to promote.

    2. @urdumb… What you say is only partially correct.

      Yes, whites will always be intellectually and socially superior to blacks.

      However, you’re wrong about blacks having greater bone and muscle density. Have you ever seen the blacks of Africa? Not only are they pathetically stupid and ignorant. They are also pathetically thin and frail.

      All blacks in the US should pay not only double taxes but reparations to whites. Back in the slave days of early America the blacks were bred to be physically superior. So any athelete, construction worker,or anyone of them involved in manual labor should not make a dime off the work they perform. They will forever be in debt to the White man until the day they die. Then their children should be held responsible to repay their parents debt to society.

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