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    1. Actually 2homo I am not capable of such retardation. Also the fact you called it a summer hat proves that you are the one that was wearing it during the summer. Not to mention that such retardation is befitting of your character lmfao.

  1. That shit ain’t ever coming out either. May as well get out the electric clippers and go for the angry bull dyke cut.

    1. No champ I have better things to do with my time than directing retards in how to be less retarded.

    2. O.!!!! LOOK.!!!! A Retard Queer is going to Teach Us how Not to be Retarded.??? It’s Like a NIG.GA Teaching A NIG.GA How To Be a NIG.GA.!!!! Will that work for you PWNED.???

    3. Mikey, sorry but that simply will not work. You can’t send the retarded to help the retarded. You may as well have one paraplegic ask a second paraplegic to get something off of the top shelf for him. PWNED is no more capable of perfecting anything than he is of making love to a woman. Don’t ask the impossible of the incapable, it is just rude. You should be ashamed of yourself for even asking.

    4. Aww how cute, 2homo, mikey and URDumb, the three pansy faggots teaming up. Guess they finally chose to become buddies after fucking each other in the ass on a daily basis. 2lolo you do not cease to amaze me with your retarded fucking comments lmfao I am still laughing at the degree of stupidity that just propelled off your degenerate ass.

  2. Everyone over 50 should be sent to a death camp and euthanized. Old people have nothing to offer society and are ,in reality, nothing but a drain and hazard to society.

    Kill em’ all

    1. And all you millennial retards do is ruin the fucking country with your metrosexual, liberal bullshit.

    2. Damn, you must a really young, barely more than a child to consider 50 to be old.

      We know who we are facing now.

      I think I heard the bell ring. Time to go back in class now.

    3. Idiots Rule’s comment is the most retarded thing I’ve read or heard all week. Might as well add it to the FAIL page.

    4. In idiot’s defense, I’m sure his grandmother is only 36 years old. When retards start shitting out kids at age 13, those kids have a different perspective on old vs. young.

  3. The men look lkie the women who look like the men and they are both equally stupid. What does this stupid bitch think is gonna happen at the hospital? Does she think they are going to be able to remove that shit? STupid fucking people is what you breed with universal healthcare. They will come for anything and everything and jam up the system. FUCK you socialist cunts. As for the fucking moron in the picture, CUT YOUR FUCKING HAIR OFF and them take a bath you nasty stupid cunt.

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