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    1. I was gonna say the same thing. If baseball wasn’t the second gayest sport in the world other than soccer I’m sure they might have had the attention span to. e able to watch it for more than 5 seconds.

  1. Yeah like that blonde pig in the top row on the left needs another churro.

    Fat kunt is 2 churros away from getting SSI under our great great government plan.

  2. I know there will always be self-absorbed sweeties who can’t get enough of themselves, but didn’t duck-face selfies go out a few years ago?

  3. Why waste time and money going to the game, just sit at home and do this shit.
    Also who the hell told internet whores everywhere that duck face is hot? Its freaking stupid and makes them look ridiculous.

  4. COmplete and total narcissism driven into their brains over 12 years of feminist indoctrination. Year after year of telling these glorigified monkeys they are special. There was a time whenwomen resepected themselves and how their peers viewed them. Thank GOD feminism came along so they can burp and fart and brop paint eggs from their cunts and act like empty headed fuckbags all ahile climing 100% ownership of their bodies while screaming for someone else to pay for their birth control. I say we do it Margaret Sanger style. Anyone on welfare gets sterilized. And children will disqualify you for anything extra and you will be prosecute for being so damned irresponsible and the child will be placed in an orphanage. No more Foster homes since we see the majority of those being ni66ers running scams. The orphanage would be more humane than to force a child to be raised by Babboons.

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