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    1. A really simple measure of whether a country is developed or third-world – do drivers wear a seatbelt?

    1. @JoEbYX: Site won’t let me click reply for some reason.

      Right click the image and select view image, hold ctrl and use the scroll wheel to zoom in. You can clearly see a white phone in her left hand.

    2. @MIKE
      NOPE, There is NO phone in her left hand. Her left hand is wrapped around the steering wheel and her right hand is partially obscured but STILL has no phone. This woman is looking STRAIGHT ahead and drives right into the back of the car in front of her. This is russian and as such morons like you seem to have all sorts of secret handshakes and zoom lessons that magically trick you into thinking you are correct. You are not. Fuck off.

    3. Morons like me? I have an IQ of 140 kid. If it isn’t a phone then what is it? There is very visibly a rectangular white object sticking out over the top of the wheel by her left hand. It seems quite clear you are just a troll though so you would probably deny an elephant in frame if there was one.

    4. Not only are you a moron, Mike, but apparently you are visually impaired as well. You better have mommy schedule you an appointment with the eye Dr after your special ed classes are over for the day.

  1. It’s awful to say, I know But, I sincerely hope she broke her fuck’n’neck and that she’s at least permanently out of driving anything. (could of been a guy I don’t care) But dumb imbeciles that still drinks, texts, listen to fuck’n’loud musics to almost make your car unbolt itself and unweld these god damn idiots really don’t deserve to be around us and far less in a car that becomes a weapon in their idiotic hands.

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