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  1. I always knew that URDumb couldn’t rap for shit. There is the proof, his rapping sucked so much that he busted his incompetent ass doing so.

  2. Thus proving you are a very special kind of owned mental midget. Anyone who reads these things knows that the individual you hate so much (probably because he owns you so badly) hates blacks and everything they do. Acting like a monkey as this idiot is doing is against reason, which means UR wouldn’t do it.

    And before you accuse me, I am not Rob, Mikey, URDumb, or 2lolo, but I do comment here occasionally and see how badly you fail on every post. I just don’t want you to add me to your pathetic hit list of hatred that you SO fail to troll on in every post.

    Here is the truth kid, sorry:
    You are pathetic, repetitive, sad, wholly predictable, and so obviously a closet homo (ALMOST EVERY POST YOU DO IS ABOUT HOMOSEXUALS, BIG CLUE THERE KID) that you aren’t worth the effort of anyone bothering to reply to you intelligently. Even if they do you call THEM the retard, when it is your post that is showing signs of inferior mental capacity.

    More truth:
    You are hated by everyone on this site, and that probably extends to your real life, as this seems to be the closest thing to a real life you even have.

    The ultimate truth:
    The very funniest part about this shit? It’s that you think garnering a response from anyone means you got a “Troll Bridge” (whatever that means in your little tiny mind) win, when in fact you just prove what a loser you are with every sad little post. Your grasp of punctuation and spelling is about that of 6th grade, and your mentality and emotional state seems to have retarded itself at that level as well, so I guess no one can expect much more. Every post of yours is a loss, not a win. Sorry to break the bad news to you.

    Why do you persist in believing you are clever when it is obviously untrue? You aren’t funny, you aren’t even close to intelligent in your replies, so why do you keep insisting that it is EVERYONE ELSE who is the problem? EVERYONE says you are a fail, why can’t you just grasp that simple fact? Dude you are worthless, and that is understating it by a lot.

    Hatred for a reason is understandable, but you hate everyone including, obviously, yourself. Go kill yourself and do the rest of the world a favor, please.

    1. Lol nice novel you wrote there kid, I got bored of reading it after the first few lines of compiled retardation, any how nice job with your exquisite novel, I do wonder which pansy fuck are you lmao

    2. That was a very long read, but accurate as hell.
      I’ve never seen someone so unanimously hated on a site before PWNED. It’s really pathetic.

    3. LOL he nailed it. Pwned got owned. Too true, and funny too.

      By the way, PWNED? Learn that not everything you say is divided with commas. Use period once in a while instead of running on in one long run-on sentence. Also, the word “anyhow” is not 2 words but is just one. Just some more examples of your inability to compose a sentence and spell because you obviously need the help.

    4. Well, this is the exact definition of a troll.

      In a dedicated sub-category of comment section named “trollzone”, what a surprise, isn’t?

    5. It takes a special kind of idiot to be so offended by a 3 line post that you respond to it with a novel.

      Please, youwillneverknowmefool, while pwned is off under his troll bridge killing himself, take that time to kill yourself as well. I think the only “fool” on this thread is yourself. In fact you’ve fooled yourself into thinking anyone like you. You are, in fact, an extremely long winded blow hard that is not any more entertaining than the rest of us. Reality is you come off as quite butthurt pissing and moaning about other posters on epic fail.

    6. And don’t tell such obvious lies either. You read every line at least 3x and got more and more mad. It’s ok to be mad, idiot child, because he truly owned you wholesale. Calling it “compiled retardation” and him a “pansy” is just your usual tactic of hiding away your fragile ego from the accuracy the words conveyed, that you are a hated, hateful, ignorant, homosexual, frustrated fool.
      Good Job YOUWILLNEVERKNOWMEFOOL, I congratulate you on your intelligence and observation skills.

    7. Lol thanks for all the feed back. Thoroughly impressed. I always knew that mikey and URDumb were a butt hurt lot. But I Never knew they were capable of such butt hurt. LMFAO seeing by the fact I effectively trolled the living fuck out of you two leaves me entirely content. You two, hell might as well add 2lolo to this are a boat load of pansy ass retards so easily destroyed. As for Idiots Rule, lol it really does take a special kind of retard to write a fucking novel over a 3 line post. Any how welcome to the troll zone, such butt hurt only feeds the “bridge troll”.

    8. @Idiots Rule lol I must hand it to you, you could not have been more accurate in your post. You left me laughing for a good while.

    9. YOUWILLNEVERKNOWMEFOOL; You didn’t have to add 2lolo to the list of people who you claim not to be. While your post was long-winded and dull, you have a grasp of grammar that 2lolo could never hope to achieve. 2lolo’s biggest achievement thus far in life was not smearing his feces in his hair for 2 consecutive days.

    10. While you ALL ruin Epicfail by turning it into your exclusive “tards only” debate club, PWNED is trully the village idiot. May your village burn to the ground soon! …and thank you for staying out of the work force.

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