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  1. It’s October 14th, and we’re STILL experiencing temperatures of 95° or more here in SoCal, so cry me a fucking river. Better yet, let me know when your monthly electric bill passes the $400.00 mark because you can’t turn off the AC from July through October.

    1. @ Bust My HYMEN
      I alway knew your an Butt Wipe.!!! Now I know.!!! Isn’t So. Cal. Home of The Butt Wipes.!!!!!

  2. Lol come on now, with that much snow there is no way that storm just snuck up on them. Plus I would think a cop would have better knowledge of the weather.

    1. One might think that most people would have a better knowledge of the weather. Those, however, are the same morons that believe in the Global Warming hysteria, too.

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