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  1. As PWNED could have told you, take it in the ass, not the face, and spit instead of swallowing. Listen to PWNED, he is the EPIC FAIL expert on how one uses a dildo on himself. He often gets his pronouns wrong and says “you” when he means to say “me”, but that is understandable once you realize that his IQ is well below room temperature on a cool day.

    1. Actually buddy seeing as you are the fucking hillbilly here I will leave you to being the fucking Neanderthal to partake in such activities. Do not quote me one shit I have not said just because you are a butt hurt hillbilly faggot, thanks.

    2. Want to try that again, and this time use intelligible English? The comma is not your enemy, although it may be beyond you if this and all your past posts are any indication. That being said, don’t get all butt-hurt at me because I called you out on the truth. Try to come up with an original retort for a change, please? Your usual “fucking this”, “fucking that”, “faggot”, “retarded” responses do get repetitive and boring after the 500th time. I realize you are severely limited, but damn, how many times can you, even as stupid as you are, repeat the same old trash? Get more than a 6th grade education and grow an intellect, pretty please? With cherries on top? FFS, you are an extremely stupid and unimaginative douchebag.

    3. @ PWNED It’s you Driving… Did You Get Your Turn.!!!! Or Did RedNeck Sucking and Idiot Rules Me Hog all the Fun.????

    1. I Know that 2 Dick Heads Wasn’t you RedNeck Sucking and Idiots Rules Me.!!!!!
      If that 2 Dick Heads was you Two.!!!! RedNeck Sucking would be Bending Over So you can RAM That DIDO Up Her Ass.!!!! Than It Will Be Idiots Rules Me Turn.!!!!!

  2. Wow. How incredibly NOT funny that was.

    Hey dude, grab our pink double dildo and smack me in the face with it.

    Wait bro, I’ll get in a car and make it a drive by dildoing to your face. It will be hilarious.

    Hold up man… Let set up a camera,NO, 2 cameras and record it from different angles, dude.

    Yeah good idea. This is going to be epic.

    You have to be extraordinarily gay to be sitting around with your friends and come up with this homo shit

    1. Agree. How does one even think up this plan unless they are gay or desperate? Don’t care either way – but this shit IS desperate and pathetic….

    2. They prob bought it and realized it was to big and hurt way to much when they decided to shove it up their asses. So they didn’t want to waste money on something they couldn’t use, boom thats were the idea came from.

  3. Someone needs to tell that hipster douche to stop cutting holes in his jeans. If you want jeans like that, stop finding excuses to play with big fake cocks and actually do some work outside. Plus I’m sure thats not the first time his friend got smacked in the face by a dick.

  4. forgotten in lower case letters. Next time slap him in the face with it while both y’all are jumping off a 5 or more story building camera man included.

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