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  1. And that, ladies and gentlemen of the United States of America, neatly sums up precisely why your country is in such a fucking mess.

    1. So one idiot makes the entire country fucked up? That makes perfect sense. I guess that makes your country just as bad, if not worse, since you reside there, hey brainy?

  2. Oh my god, my heart stopped when she swept him. What kind of dumbass gives someone a gun without first giving them BASIC gun safety protocol lessons first? If she shot him it would have been his fault far more than it would be hers. She, at least, would have the excuse of ignorance. He has no excuse whatsoever.

    1. Not ignorance. Stupidity and the inability to think for your self. Common sense, you don’t point anything with the potential to hurt or kill at anyone. Should be a bit obvious

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