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  1. WOW, what a pretty girl who totally destroyed herself with narcissism.

    I’ll take the left and I don’t even like the few she has in that picture.

  2. LEFT. The right one is a total slob! It looks like she is growing new strains of gonorrhea in her filthy bedroom.

  3. Left, I guess but the girl on the left has some trashy tattoos as well. Girl on the right has been tagged by every gang in town.

  4. BOTH, for fucking christ’s sake, BOTH ! Stop being random internet big-mouthed wankers and be just plain, sane & honest…

  5. Left.
    First because the right one is too fat for me. OK she’s not fat by any standards, but unless this is an optical illusion or due to the photography method, she definitely looks like she gained a few pounds and not only in ink. I like em skinny, very skinny, well extremely skinny in fact but that’s just me and I’m the minority from what I’m told.

    Second, left one’s room is way more tidy.

    Third, what is the gonna do if more people say left… you can go from left to right, but right to left is another story.

    1. She seems to have failed to realize that when you don’t give a fuck about what the internet thinks you don’t post pictures of yourself in your undies on the internet.

  6. Well that all depends: If you want a minute & 1/2 long BJ (just enough to tease you) ….. LEFT is all you. But if you want 1 of the best BJ’s you’ll ever get, to completion & then before you can even go limp, she makes you hit it in about 5 different positions to completion again….. RIGHT is the choice!
    ***(Take notes all you single ladies.)

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