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  1. Friendzone is for idiots who want to complain about not being able to get a girlfriend. It’s not the chick’s fault you’re a limp noodle.

    1. hahahaha so damn right, a little fuck’n’cunt with the attitude and all. Jeez they start early nowadays -_-

  2. it took me a long time to realize that treating women like shit is all they understand. the better you treat them, the worse they treat you.

    1. I learned that early in life too. Treated my first serious girlfriend really well, and she tried to walk all over on me. After I started not caring whether we were together or not she suddenly couldn’t live without me. That kind of relationship screws with a mans head so badly. Women/Girls are so warped. They flock to the bad boys, but always say they want a nice guy. For what? To abuse and dump on? SMH…

  3. This poor bastard is pussy whipped without even getting any pussy. Like most friendzone occupants, it’s self inflicted. That little dude is in for a life of “putting up with shit”

  4. Do you really think that kid came up with this pastime on his own or for that matter his costume or dance partner? I’ll give you one guess. Mommy is probably just an older version of that girl and that is how she treats daddy. She couldn’t be happier to see her son grow up like this.

  5. Funny – he will probably be a success in life, and she will end up fat, ugly, and unsure of her 4 kids fathers. Not about her ethnicity, it’s about her arrogance. Cute little girl/boy does not translate into attractive adult. He will try to improve his position in life due to his insecurities, she thinks she is entitled. 20 years from now the wake up will hit – and it will hit hard.

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