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  1. Not a juggalo, just white trash. And they are all over. And let’s be honest. Like the faggot with the dash cam is any better blairing Cotton Eye Joe, or whatever that red neck sister fucking bull shit was, at a red light.

    1. I wasn’t a huge fan of his music taste, but he earned some points in my book when he busted out ‘Bravo Lima Sierra’. Made my day.

    2. guy sounded like a HOMO … it didn’t look like they hit each other …so why call the police …. the bloke is a ‘GRASS’

    3. @stebburn You sound like a really pleasant person. They DID hit each other. The outer tire of the truck probably hit the back door of the car. Calling the police is ALWAYS a good idea when you plan on filing an insurance claim, and also when someone is acting aggressively, both of which are true here. That being said, the driver of the car looked like he was intentionally baiting the truck, leaving a TON of room in front. The truck attempted to pass them using the turning lane, and the car sped up to block them from merging. Both drivers were road raging, acting like idiots, and had belligerent passengers. The collision and subsequent pissing match was the result. Thank goodness the rest of us are helping pay the insurance companies.

  2. Ohh my god. She just hit our car. Help office. We are dying. Please come soon. This is an emergancy. She is out of her car, giving us the finger and shaking er ugly tits. WE ARE GOING TO DIE!!! COME QUICK. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!

  3. What a bunch of losers. Douchecam should have peeled that door back like a banana so that icp douche’s unfulfilled fat whale could go take an Arby’s shit at the gas station and send a selfie to her meee maaaw

  4. Is that phat b-itch with tramp stamp the driver? But why she got out from right door? Right-hand drive homorican pick-up truck?

  5. You left a huge space between you and the car in front, and only moved up when the truck tried to merge into that space in front of you. You are a dick.

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