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    1. Oh yeah. That dash cam totally prevented that guy from getting out of his car with a golf club and smashing up the other guys car. Idiot

  1. Typical Russian thug. That looks like St Petersberg. Was there in ’04. The place is full of assholes. Asshole capital of the world.

    1. Typical ignorant comment. Congratulations on having visited another country. That makes you an expert. I lived there for 12 years and it’s an amazing place. There are more assholes per capita in Canada and ‘Murica than anywhere else in the world. Just take a stroll through the Bronx after 1:00 p.m. on a Friday. That’ll shut you up. jackass. St. Pete is gorgeous and the people there are highly educated, extremely cultured and very pleasant. Something tells me you’re the asshole and were merely treated accordingly.

  2. That over-reacting cunt deserved it. Considering it’s Russia he got lucky to get away with nothing but a broken windshield…

  3. Ahh Mother Russia. Where the men are drunken chain smoking idiots 24/7 and the most gorgeous women in the world get shipped out as mail order brides. I’d love to visit

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