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  1. This is in Budapest (Hungary). The plates on the car were Slovakian (even though the driver removed them immediately after the crash). Ergo this could not have happened 5 minutes after buying he car (albeit he was on his way from a dealership). There have been several similar accidents involving LaFerraris. 950BHP going to the rear wheels is a lot… especially on shitty Hungarian asphalt, which is a lot more slippery than your run of the mill asphalt in western countries.

    1. I was going to ask exactly how they knew it was 5 mins after buying it. At least someone had a reasonable explanation.

  2. I would say idiot driver with little experience handling such a car. lessons should be mandatory when buying these high powered cars

    1. I believe they are. This is a limited production car. Ferrari won’t just sell these to anyone. They like to sell it to celebrities and people who owned many other Ferraris before

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