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  1. They left out the best one, where the guy bumps into the side of a car being driven by an Asian woman, then lies on the ground next to it. The incident is recorded by the dashcam of another car, so you can see the driver looks confused because she heard the sound but has no idea what it was. She tries to continue driving on and runs right over the scammer.

  2. I understand why these drivers in these countries put cameras in their cars to protect themselves from these idiot scammers on the road.

  3. I used to visit this site regularly, but stopped at least a year ago because of that racist, fat, short, faggot, faux intellectual Nunya, who always pretended he had something to say, though he’s not had anything to say since he learned to speak. What a dumbass motherfucker, and especially, a faux intellectual. I might actually visit one in a while now that he’s been banned or died in a (hopefully) horrific accident — or even better, just stabbed by someone he insulted one time too many. Also, motherfucker, we all know you’re broke as Caspar the Ghost. #Justsoyaknow.

    1. Wow! That was the most rambling, illiterate, moronic comment I have seen since I harassed PWNED off of here. Learned a new word (faux) today, and even used it twice in run on sentences, hey? Congratulations!

      Don’t visit, kiddo. No one needs your particular brand of ignorant hatred. Rob may have been rude, but he was also usually correct. I understand fully why that would be vexing to a moron like you. Every ignorant comment you posted probably got you owned by him, and special fool libtards like you can’t stand that, so you cry and leave. It’s ok, we understand. There there.

      Just for the record:
      You can’t see weight, height, or sexual orientation through words posted on the internet. You can judge fools like you by the content, however.

      Mother fucker, is two words.

      Casper, is spelled with one A and one E, not two E’s.

      You do not have to put words into parenthesis when they go into the sentence without the need for parenthesis. Basic English 101.

      Just so you know, hashtags are for idiots. Stupidity in its highest form. It figures that you would try to pretend you even understood them. Good fail.

      Against all possible good judgment you may certainly keep posting if you like, and I will happily keep owning you. I do not, as do you, live in my mothers basement and have all day to play on the interweb. That being said, I do get on a couple times a day. Beating you up virtually, will make for a lovely, hugely entertaining hobby for me.

      Good fight, good fail, good-bye.

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