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  1. There are almost no grammatical errors in the note! Must have been written by a foreigner who learned English properly. The only change I would made is that “its” needs an apostrophe because it’s a contraction for “it is.” If it were a possessive, it has the weird rule of taking no apostrophe, even though most possessives do.

    The Grammar Nazi

    1. Woww, yor sutch uh smarrt geye. Eye’ll bett ewe gett awl thuh lades, write? Doo ewe pheel beterr uhbowt yorselff nou thatt ewe’v postted yor litlle lessun? Doo usa awl uh fayver andd kil yorsellf.

    2. By the way, stupid… “The only change I would MADE…”? That’s the only change you would made, huh??? Can you spell IRONY?

    3. You are right, Really. I have failed by not catching a typo myself. I am a bad unit. I will now self-destruct because I am a bad unit. I do not deserve to take up space on this planet. I am inferior. Good bye,

  2. How dare you criticize how a human being use her grammar? It’s her choice. You bigoted ignorant white republican conservative hateful rat. We sentence you to 10 years of hard labor in camp mountain view.
    Issued by Central Communist Committee on Political Correctness

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