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    1. In America, all children must be wearing a seatbelt. Unless of course, you stuff 75 of them in a fucking school bus. Then, it’s no problem.

  1. Eh, I didn’t expect to see this here. EF is usually more lighthearted. These people were seriously injured. One person broke his back.

    The bus driver fell asleep, ran up on a curb, and hit a huge solid pole head on, explaining the sudden stop.

    1. Quit being such a whiny faggot. If that’s the case, then why didn’t anyone wake the motherfucker up?
      Stupid is supposed to hurt. That shit was funny.

    2. Get a rope – Im guessing your a retard. The people on the bus were mainly in the back, or seated looking away from the bus driver ,the person on the left side of the video was looking out the window and the other one looked dazed deep in thought. It only takes a second for your head randomly to topple over and loose control of the bus, its not like the bus driver announced, Im fucking tired make sure I stay awake.

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